Efstathios Liakopoulos ΜBΑ, PhD

Mr. Efstathios Liakopoulos is the founder and CEO of BSS – Building Solid Success. He has studied at the Department of Sociology of Panteion University, has two postgraduate degrees as a Business Consultant and in Banking and a PhD in Business Administration.

He is vice-president of the Association of Business Consultants SYSEP and participates in the Board of Directors of several Greek companies. For a number of years he has been a consultant to hundreds of Greek companies with significant results in terms of organization, development and operational restructuring.

BSS started in 1998, with a vision to contribute to the development of Greek entrepreneurship. If for every business there was a Consultant, to support and guide tkem, then the plans of every entrepreneur, would be only a few steps away from success.


BSS, with a continuous and dynamic course of 23 years, is active in the consulting and financial sector, as one of the most successful Greek Business Consulting companies. BSS is evolving towards new technologies, creating a network of 500 partners throughout Greece, with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Larissa, soon in Heraklion, Crete, Ioannina and Nicosia, Cyprus. BSS employs 50 renowned executives and dozens of external collaborators, faces daily challenges and opportunities, holding a leading role in the prosperity of Greek business.

Main Achievements

Over the last three years, BSS has tripled its turnover while maintaining high profitability and absolute business health, achieved a 123% increase in the services provided by an independent Financial Management, while it submitted only in 2020, 227 NSRF and Development Law subsidy programs.

Contributed to the search for investment funds – funding, in more than 60 cases with great success, while he participated in the process of seeking and issuing financing over € 700 million and managed the terms of financing for more than € 1 billion in loans.

Implemented more than 1,100 debt restructurings, some of which are the most important in the Greek economy, having great penetration in the red loan restructuring sector and undertook 72% more cases of business accounting supervision.

Completed 193 cases of personal data security adjustment – GDPR, contributing to the organization and regulatory adjustment of businesses. Certified more than 270 companies in quality assurance systems ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO COVID.

BSS was included in the Top Corporate Brands in Greece for 2021-22, in the global institution of Superbrands, won the important award of business excellence in the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021, while recently at the Accounting Awards 2022, won two gold medals for Successful Integration &  Completion of Development Law Programs for Alternative Forms of Financing. One silver for Successful Reorganization, Reconstruction & Consolidation Programs and two bronze for Consulting Services and Acquisitions & Mergers.

Is the only Greek company of business consultants that received in 2017, the honorary distinction for Excellence in its business activity by the European Organization EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), Certified according to ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.

Products – Services

BSS is the answer to the needs of Greek entrepreneurs for organization, improvement and development. Magors in the field of consulting in “business”, with a “holistic approach 360”.

The specialization, the many years of experience, the know-how, the contact with the decision-making centers in combination with the diverse portfolio in Greece and other European markets, urges BSS to be ahead of the international economic developments, in the fields:

Business Advisory, Development Law / NSRF, Acquisitions & Mergers, External Finance, Banking, Subsidies, Investment – Funding, Financial, Operational and Financial Restructuring, Business Organization ISO, GDPR, Shield.

Recent developments

The difficulties in our macroeconomic environment are steeled for the benefit of our customers.

In 2020, in the middle of covid-19, the new office started in Thessaly, centered in Larissa. A new, modern space, with experienced executives, and a portfolio that needs special know-how and innovation, for the development of the industrial zone, and energy investments.

The development strategy continues in 2021, with new offices and a larger talented team in Thessaloniki, targeting the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Serres, Kilkis and Western Macedonia. A development hub for specialized projects for tourism, industry, agritourism, Logistics warehouses, marinas, sewage treatment plants and waste management, processing, trade.

The decision to split the accounting and tax support industry, through the company BSS TAX, which belongs to the BSS group of companies, comes to offer an even wider range integrated tax & accounting services, for business clients in every sector of the Greek economy, in order to thrive in a digital world, to face the multifaceted tax laws and labor regulations, under the guidance of specialized executives.

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BSS – Building Solid Success

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14/05/2022 1:00