Dionysis Ammolohitis

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Dionysis, born in 1976, married to an amazing woman and two lucky children.
I started my professional career as an employee at the age of twenty and at the age of twenty-six I founded the Manifest.
The years that have passed since its founding are of great interest, but what matters is the position I managed to conquer.

I feel and declare completely satisfied with my life, since I have managed to have a happy family, a model company for the Greek data (manifest.gr) which employs 800 people, as well as four more companies (software, consulting, real estate and energy production), while at the same time I enjoy business recognition as an active member of the top business club in Greece.
I believe that everything I have achieved is nothing compared to what I will achieve in the near future, and do you know why? Why I decided to do it and why I now know how to do it.
I have decided to constantly create new and powerful sources of income and I have also decided to help as many people as I can in their lives.
Success, you know, is not a distant dream; professional and personal prestige are not imaginary hidden treasures for people; they are real things and can be realized immediately in any part of the world.
This is exactly what I will try to convey to you. Since I did it, why not do it too?
I am not a monster of the mind, nor did I find something ready, I worked hard, I made sacrifices, I found the way and I succeeded.
Until then, if you have not already done so, do only one thing: Believe in yourself! This (ie you) is the most powerful weapon you have.



Date and Time

14/05/2022 11:45